Butchers Choice
All meat is freshly cut and packed as per clients request

Wide range of homemade fresh  beef / lamb / chicken / turkey sausage

Selection of seasoned beef /lamb/chicken/turkey hamburger patties

South African boerewors and biltong as well as moroccan sausages and cabanossi

Freshly made smoked chickens and turkeys

All meat can be marinaded and packed as per customer request

Wholesale pricing on bulk meat orders:
Lamb Forequarter, consists of:
lamb chops
baby lamb chops
lamb riblets
lamb stew
Approx 14 pounds; $8.99/lb

Beef Forequarter, consists of:
20 lb ground beef packed in 1lb packs
8lb Beef stew packed 1lb packs
10 lbs brisket (either whole or cut in 2)
1 shoulder roast (whole or cut into shoulder
4 individual chuck steaks
5 lbs chuck roast (either whole or can
be cut in 2)
5 slices short ribs
10 individual rib steaks
10 individual rib eye steaks
2 lbs tend steaks
1 eye roast
3 packs of soup bones
4 lbs fajita meat cut in thin strips
Approx 85 pounds; $7.65/lb

Aged individually vacuum packed buffalo / bison:
chuck tender
rib steak

Smoked steak beef bacon made on premises
Kosher under supervision of R.C.O.C
Deliveries to San Diego every other Wednesday
Pick orders up between 12pm - 2pm at the below address
Pick up address:
  Discount Glass & Mirror, Inc.
  9555 Distribution Ave., Ste.100
  San Diego, CA 92121

Please let us know if you would like to add grocery items to your delivery!